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Are you looking for a dentist who knows how to make your teeth beautiful, healthy, and comfortable at the same time? A dentist whose smiles last 20 years or more? A dental office whose compassionate care, and pampering, gentle touch make you feel at ease and relaxed? What about a dental office that utilizes the latest technology in order to provide the most advanced care possible? At Rice Dentistry, Irvine dentist Dr. Scott maintains this standard of patient care. We are passionate about providing each patient with our best, and it’s what we give every patient every day. Providing excellent cosmetic dentistry is our mission. Cosmetic dentistry is more than just a collection of procedures that make your smile look more attractive. It’s an approach to dentistry that understands a healthy, functional smile is an attractive smile and vice versa. In cosmetic dentistry, proper tooth restorations should be as functional and durable as they are beautiful, and as beautiful as they are natural-looking. Routine dental visits help keep your teeth healthy and attractive as we look out for minor problems and correct them before they become serious. And we look at your gums and jaw as well as your teeth to ensure your entire mouth is healthy and in harmony to maintain its appearance and comfort year after year. At Rice Dentistry, all our dentistry is cosmetic dentistry. Contact us now to schedule an appointment!

Irvine CA cosmetic and sedation dentist Dr. Scott Rice


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